Sunday, March 3, 2013

Working from home is just awesome!

Salam siaran to all bolggers out there. Alhamdulillah i'm fine. Hope you guys too.

I've been silence lately due to busy daily routine, office and home. And today I would like to share with you that how happy I'm when working from home.

Since receiving the time table, I started to plan my day. And today I will be in the office only at 1.30 because the appointment were scheduled from 2.10 till 5.30. Awesome! Right?

Early in the morning, i sent kids to kindergarten then back home. The first thing to do is take out the frozen chicken and paste to the sink to let them defrost. Laundry may take only 30 minutes. While waiting for that, I then switch on my Laptop. Here we go! My home office now on.

So calm and relax working from home. To be more efficient and productive you need to have high speed of wifi. Mine is Unifi and it works well since we registered which is almost two years already.

Sometime you may feel alone  as you are actually alone at home...hehehhe. Dont forget to on the TV, eventhough it is not your favorite movie, it just make you fell like your friend are around, awesome!

Oppsss!...It just 10minutes to 12. Its now time to cook. Yes I need to prepare food for the kids. And laundry has also done. Hope that all clothes will dry then. 

Having taken lunch, I need to get ready for office. Its 1.00pm and zohor si about 1.30pm.....just awesome!

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