Sunday, March 31, 2013

Another Episode of Super Dupper Mom....

Daddy's outstation again. This time he went to Bangladesh for Academic Mission leaving me and the kids for 4 days. Owh yes he is just gone, his friend came to pick him up to the airport. The flight is about 6pm.

Here we go, he Super Dupper Moms back in action!...In Syaa Allah there are my strength, wont be a problem to me at all. I pray to Allah to keep us healthy and safe.

We wish you all the best Daddy and safely arrive...


Mom need to check that everything is complete before tomorrow. School Uniform are all ironed. Homework finished. Kinder bag packed..because we need to get out as early as 6.50 tomorrow morning to school. Mom need to send abang to sek.13 then back to sek 7 to sent Kakak and Adik.

Best of luck!

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