Friday, December 28, 2012

Separating from others

I would say that this  the most suitable place for workshop program. There will be no entertaining element al all, no attraction except for Nilai 3 Retail Centre. It is a nice place, calm, and clean. Staying in the middle of palm oil estate with beautiful village environment and nice scenery make you feel fresh and cool. Its something back to nature.

 The accommodation is not bad. Its like a 3 star hotel. We were given one room for one person. So you can do whatever you want without any interruption.
 This is owesome, my working space. I wish that i got time to blog more then.

 My guess? Yes please, will serve you cup of coffee.

This one is similar with other hotels.

The most important thing is having a clean wash room....teettttttttttttt!


SABARINA said...

bestnyer hotel kat apa ke namanya...dekat ngan nilai 3 ke....blh la soping

Emma Marinie said...

bukan hotel tapi training centre Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi

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