Thursday, December 13, 2012

He is really brave

We took Amierul to klinik yesterday for khatan. He looks so cool. Happy and steady. When we reach clinic he hand shaked the doctors telling that he is ok and ready. Wah! Macam tak percaya jer,  how brave he is. Daddy accompanied him during the process while mummy waited calmly outside.

About 15 minutes, I heard he shouted. Very loud. Oh dear! I hope that everything went well. Then Daddy's came out looking for the doctors helper...Arghhhh what is going on man? I ask Daddy is it done? Nope, not yet said Daddy. Ya Allah! semoga semuanya baik baik belaka.

10 minutes after that. Amierul walk slowly out from the treatment room. Alhamdulillah! Done and he is really brave. Proud of him and he ask weather I can hear his voice shouted just now...Haaaa! ok, thats because the doctor give him an anesthetic injection.

He is now resting at home and me need to take leave looking after him.

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