Friday, October 19, 2012

The preparation for the concert

Nuha will having her yearly consert tomorrow at Holiday Villa Subang. I will ask my SIL to take us to that concert as I've paid for all of us. Daddy went outstation for a week.

Now, mommy need to check that everything is ready before the concert. Kata orang tua, sediakan payung sebelum hujan. She need to wear pink colour of baju kurung with pink colour of tudung. She ask me to get her a new shoes. Since her raya shoes is still in good condition so I ask her just to wear that. Well okay jangan membazir. Next year will get you a new one okay.

She is so exited, keep asking me on how  many days left to get to the concert. Haiya!...and she is assuming that we are going to stay in that hotel for a night..Owh Nuha. That will take only 3 hours darling. 

Owh ya, the camera, I need to charge the bateri, do not do the same mistake again. That the memory for whole life. She will be  happy seeing herself and friends singing and dancing on stage. Get ready Nuha, wish you all the best.

*** I hope that Darwish will behave during the concert...

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