Monday, October 1, 2012

Restoran Adam Lai

Lunch semalam di Restoran Adam Lai , Seksyen 15. Nama pun Adam Lai, dah tentulah lah a Chinese Muslim Restoran.

Kak-M terperasan this Restoran masa makan tengahari semalam dengan family di Restoran Temerloh. Then today, i ask my friend to try this chinese muslim restoran.

Not bad!. What a lovely food and interior design of space. 

 This is Nasi Masak Kam Heong Ayam, it tasted sweet and hot....cili padi weh!

 This is mine, Nasi Masak Kong Po Ayam, taste like lemon and spicy, yummeh!

And believed me, it only RM15.50 for two person.....murah!

Mahu cuba? Mari! Mari! Mari!

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