Sunday, October 14, 2012

Evening Walk

Yeay! Daddy's home. Kids are too happy when daddy's just enter home. Horray! Mommy's are double happy..hehehhehe. Lega mak buleh rehat jap bagi Daddy layan anak pula..huhu.

Petang tadi Daddy ajak ke park. Tempat biasa bawa budak-budak ni main sambil mak bapa lepak-lepak , sembang-sembang dan networking la kekunun.

I love this park despite there are  too many people but this evening look cool as not many people as usual. I ask Abang to accompany me walk along the lake .So fresh inhale, exhale...i like this fresh air. One round walking enough to make me wet. Haaaha, we havent be here quite for along time. Too busy with daily routine.

Luckily Nuha met her friend here, Aisyah, yup her best friend ever. Running, chasing here and there. What a happy friend they are.

We went back home at 6.30 after everybody get tired. Hadoii penat oii dok kejar awang kecik tu. Next time will come again. Bye then.

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