Sunday, December 4, 2011

Accchooooo!!!!!..Maaf yer.

 You’re stuck in a packed LRT Train, on your way to the office to start a busy work day. The carriage is packed with people, but the guy next to you shifts and sneezes so loud that everybody turns and stares!

What runs through your head right at that moment?

‘Ew Ew Ew! I hope people don’t think I’m the one who’s sick!’
‘Shoot, I hope it doesn’t spread to me!’
‘Aw man, I hope I don’t get sick, not so near that meeting!’

You may not be able to share your thoughts with the entire LRT, but you can share it on Blackmores Malaysia’s FB page! Join their ‘Shoo Away The Achoo’ caption contest by sharing your thoughts when people go ‘Achoo!’. Just fill up the thought bubbles in the given scenario and you could win yourself some great prizes!

There will be 2 winners a week, with the Grand Prize winner walking away with an Ipod Nano & Product vouchers worth RM200, and the runner-up winning Product vouchers!


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