Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Give your child the multi-dimensional growth he needs to shine in every way

Here’s how to help your bundle of joy grow up so that he can shine in every way. 

Introducing the new Dumex Dugro 5 Power Nutri, a system of nutrition that supports overall development including the top 5 developmental priorities for growing up children. 

Dumex Dugro 5 Power Nutri now comes in 3 new exciting and functional variants – Regular, Honey Date and Chocolate Strawberry. Regular is with 0% sucrose and rich with Vitamin C that aids Iron absorption from food, while the Honey is also formulated with 0% sucrose and is rich in Vitamin B complex. The Chocolate Strawberry is now with 30% lesser sucrose compared to the previous chocolate formulation and is rich in Vitamin A, C and E 

Also available in Fruit & Veg and Multi Grains variants. 

Dumex Dugro 5 Power Nutri, nurtures your child’s well rounded growth


Myvitrd said...

anak saya pun baru minum susu ni

Emma Marinie said...

Ok tak?

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