Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tak Make-Up pun boleh cantik juga

Calling out all beautiful ladies! We know you are beautiful enough without your make-up, but do you remember the last time you saw one of your girlfriends without make-up?

Can you remember how your friend is like without those fake eyelashes, concealer and what-nots? Isn’t it about time you look at your girlfriend and say, “hey! I think you are gorgeous enough without make-up!” and mean it?

We at SK-II want to encourage you AND your girlfriends to support the movement of celebrating the natural, true you. Join this pledge with your friends and tell them how beautiful they are. Celebrate Bare Skin Day!

Join the movement and pledge yourself to #BareYourSkinDay for 1 day only.

2 comments: said...

yang penting penampilan. jaga fesyen, pakaian

Emma said...

betui, setuju sangat

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